Connected to a Global Maritime Network

SMF organises and participates in a host of international maritime events to promote Singapore as an International Maritime Centre on a global platform. Through these events, SMF aims to provide new avenues for partners to network and stay in touch with international maritime companies and the global community. SMF co-organises Sea Asia with Seatrade (UBM), and participates in other international events such as Posidonia in Greece, and Nor-Shipping in Norway.

Sea Asia
Anchoring Asia’s Shipping Community

Sea Asia gives Asia’s rapidly-expanding shipping community a leading platform to explore business, network, and unveil new products and services. Co-organised by Seatrade and SMF, it is set apart by the quality of its exhibitions and talks as well as the participation of the world’s most influential and respected industry leaders.

Sea Asia will return for its 8th edition from 20–22 April 2021 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore.

The Largest Meeting of International Shippers

Posidonia, the home of Greek shipping, has welcomed the international shipping community to its biennial exhibition for almost 50 years. In 2004, the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) organised the first national pavilion at Posidonia to promote Singapore’s maritime capabilities, expand its networks and identify potential business partners. Since then, SMF and the Association of Marine Industries (ASMI) have led the national pavilion.

Featuring a total of 22 national pavilions, and a record 2,000 exhibitors and 22,000 visitors from around the world, Posidonia 2018 saw SMF share developments in Singapore’s maritime landscape and connect with new maritime partners. The national pavilion comprised ten local companies, including Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd and Sembcorp Marine Ltd.

A Leading Maritime Trade Fair and Forum

SMF and ASMI have led Singapore delegations to Nor-Shipping in Oslo, Norway since 2005. In 2007, SMF organised its inaugural Singapore Nite@Nor-Shipping, bringing Singapore’s maritime community and its Norwegian and international counterparts together.

At the next biennial show from 1–4 June 2019, Singapore will once again reach out to the international maritime community and showcase Singapore’s maritime capabilities at the Singapore Pavilion.

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The Sea Asia International Advisory Panel

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