Singapore, 22 April 2021

1. To attract, retain and upskill talent in the fast-transforming maritime sector, a set of initiatives were unveiled today by Mr Niam Chiang Meng, Chairman of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). The announcement was made at the Maritime Manpower Forum, jointly organised by MPA and the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), which was held in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) 2021. More than 300 participants attended the forum.


2. The rapid transformation of the maritime sector, with key driving forces of digitalisation and sustainability, brings new opportunities for growth. These industry-wide changes will require new skillsets and create new jobs for Maritime Singapore. MPA and SMF will jointly partner maritime companies to attract and engage young graduates and mid-careerists, and support companies’ efforts to help their current workforce adapt and upskill to meet future needs.


3. MPA will be conducting industry consultations with maritime HR and business-function leaders in May 2021 to discuss maritime jobs suitable for job redesign. Subsequently, we will work with like-minded partners to support redesign of these identified job roles to make them more productive, attractive, and future-ready. Organisations interested in participating in these discussions can register their interest at

4. In addition, MPA will be launching the inaugural run of the Maritime Leadership Programme in the second half of 2021 to nurture future maritime business leaders. The 10- day programme will train up to 20 junior management employees annually in leadership capabilities and provide a platform for participants to extend their business networks in Singapore and beyond.


5. SMF has secured an additional S$2.5 million in pledged scholarships from the maritime community under the MaritimeONE Scholarships. New companies such as Maersk Group, Eastern Pacific Shipping, Asiatic Lloyd and Equatorial Marine have come onboard as sponsors to support the industry’s vision of building a future-ready workforce and a sustainable talent pipeline.

6. SMF will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding with youth-led non-profit organisation Advisory, to explore collaborative opportunities to spark interest and passion amongst youths for the maritime sector. In addition, SMF is enhancing its Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) portal, including improved user experience, personalised job recommendations for job seekers, and a new dashboard for maritime companies.


7. The forum provided a platform for participants to discuss key trends affecting the maritime workforce. Mercer Singapore shared about how maritime jobs could potentially change with technological advancement and industry transformation, and how job redesign could raise productivity, improve attractiveness of maritime jobs and build resilience for the maritime sector. A panel of industry leaders also discussed the impetus for, and potential benefits from, workforce transformation in the maritime industry.​

  • About Singapore Maritime Week

    The Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) is an annual gathering of the international maritime community to advance key maritime issues and exchange ideas to bring the maritime sector forward. Driven by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, in collaboration with industry stakeholders, research and educational institutions, the SMW brings together key opinion leaders and industry leaders through conferences, dialogues and forums.

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  • About the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

    The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) was established on 2 February 1996, with the mission to develop Singapore as a premier global hub port and international maritime centre (IMC), and to advance and safeguard Singapore’s strategic maritime interests. MPA is the driving force behind Singapore’s port and maritime development, taking on the roles of Port Authority, Port Regulator, Port Planner, IMC Champion, and National Maritime Representative. MPA partners the industry and other agencies to enhance safety, security and environmental protection in our port waters, facilitate port operations and growth, expand the cluster of maritime ancillary services, and promote maritime R&D and manpower development.

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  • About the Singapore Maritime Foundation

    Established in 2004, the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) is a private sector-led organisation that aims to develop and promote Singapore as an International Maritime Centre (IMC), forging partnerships with the public and private sectors. SMF’s initiatives aim to strengthen the cluster, attract young talent to the industry, and support work on important issues such as decarbonisation. SMF’s Board of Directors comprises prominent leaders in the Singapore maritime community.

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