Singapore, 24 July 2017 – Industry professionals and stakeholders gathered for a time of sharing and networking at the second edition of the MSC Maritime Insights Forum, held at the Raffles Marina on 21st July.

Over 150 invited industry partners and Education and Career Guidance (ECGs) counsellors from schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE), polytechnics, universities and career centres under the Employment and Employability Institute, were given an overview and update on the diverse career opportunities available in the Sea Transport sector.

Organised by the Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) Office – an initiative of the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) with support from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the unit has been working on various initiatives to attract more Singaporeans to join the maritime industry. This year’s MSC Maritime Insights Forum to equip ECG counsellors, which is a collaboration with the Guidance Branch of MOE, is one of these initiatives. The programme started with a tour of Jurong Port, where the ECG counsellors got first-hand experience of the multi-purpose port which brings in a range of products into the Republic, including sugar, cement as well as MRT carriages.

The informative forum which followed complements the recent launch of MSC Office’s new website on 5th July. In addressing the forum participants, Mr David Chin, Executive Director of SMF, urged ECG counsellors to use the website as a one-ˇstop resource for information about the maritime industry for students and jobseekers, and highlighted the myriad of opportunities in the maritime industry for those seeking a fulfilling career.

Outlook on the Maritime Industry

In his presentation, Mr Tay Yeow Min, Assistant Director, Industry Manpower Development Department, International Maritime Centre Division, MPA shared with the audience an overview and projected plans for the maritime industry. With the next generation port terminal in Tuas scheduled to develop in four phases within the next 30 years, Mr Tay mentioned that this was the perfect time to forge a career in the maritime industry and become a part of Singapore’s illustrious history.

Thereafter, Ms Regina Lim, Senior Manager, MSC Office, SMF shared further about the various career and education pathways into the maritime industry for students and jobseekers.

Many of us look for a dream job. A career in the maritime industry is where it all comes together like a Rubik’s cube. It is not just a job but a career for many of us. The opportunity to learn, grow and be part of a diverse, international and passionate community bonds many together as we work together for Maritime Singapore.

Ms. Regina Lim, Senior Manager, MSC Office
Insights from Maritime Professionals

A highlight of the event was the MSC Conversations segment, where attendees had the chance to hear from and pose questions to a panel of four maritime industry professionals, where experiences ranged from Ms Toh Sze Yi, in her first year of sailing as a Deck Cadet with Pacific International Lines (PIL), to Captain Mohamad Salleh, Director of the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA), who has been in the industry for 40 years.

Captain Salleh shared about the “ladders and bridges” in the maritime industry, where there is vertical progression for those who choose to sail to make Ship Captain or Chief Engineer, as well as roles on shore, where their seafaring expertise is much valued in various maritime sectors.

In sharing about the qualities required for his vocation, Mr Jarrod Ho, a shipbroker with Eastport Shipping, said that contrary to popular belief, one did not need to be very aggressive, or be a “pitbull” to fulfil the demands of the role in buying and selling ships, or matching ships to cargo. He likened himself to a “golden retriever”, with a more amicable and easy-going personality in his interactions with clients.

Ms Stephanie Ng, Senior Manager, Commercial with Jurong Port;; and Ms Toh Sze Yi addressed questions on what it was like for females in the maritime industry. Ms Ng shared her experience of having worked in various maritime-related companies despite not having pursued a maritime-related degree, and how it was not an issue and instead a hugely rewarding experience. Ms Toh spoke about the “family” away from home that she had, on board the ship, and how her parents had given their blessings despite initial reservations, when they saw that she was happy with her career choice.

“To maintain our lead and sustain the growth of Maritime Singapore, we need to attract talent for both seafaring and shore-based roles.” said Mr David Chin, Executive Director of SMF. “Through a session of sharing at the MSC Maritime Insights Forum, we hope that this would further provide all industry partners and education and career guidance counsellors with a better knowledge of the industry and career options available, as they guide students and jobseekers in making informed decisions about their education and career pathways.”

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