16 August 2019, 1.45PM
Sheraton Towers Singapore

Mr Kenneth Chia, Executive Director
Singapore Maritime Foundation
Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen,

1. Good afternoon. It is my pleasure to be here today for the 4th run of the MSC Maritime Careers Workshop. This event has grown since its inaugural run in 2016. That year saw 84 students from our polytechnics and universities attending. I am told that we have more than 100 students and graduates with us today. This attests to the growing interest in maritime among our students.

Introduction to Maritime Singapore

2. The maritime industry plays an important role in our daily lives, where more than 90 per cent of the world’s goods, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, are moved by sea. Singapore’s vision for the maritime sector is grow and nurture it into a Global Maritime Hub for connectivity, innovation and talent to serve the industry better. We are happy to share that Singapore was recently ranked, first for the sixth time in a row in the Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Centre Development Index and we remained as the World’s Busiest Transhipment Hub.

3. We are home to a large and diverse mix of maritime companies in the port, shipping, maritime services as well as offshore and marine engineering sectors. This means that there are diverse career choices for our workforce. Within the industry, there have been a lot of exciting developments in the industry. As companies searched to remove inefficiencies from their supply chain or to explore new business models many are exploring technology as a possible solution. We are seeing greater interest in usage of drones in vessel inspections and shore-to- ship deliveries, AI-based predictive vessel monitoring, using block-chain for e- documentation, 3D printing of ship parts. Some of these are concepts in the past, but now, a possible reality.

4. I understand that some of you are not from maritime-related disciplines, and may wonder if there are suitable careers for you in maritime. I hope that today’s seminar will demonstrate the diversity of career possibilities, from sea-going opportunities such as ship captains, marine engineers to shore-based jobs such as ship charterers, ship brokers, marine insurance underwriters, ship financiers, maritime lawyers, naval architects, port operations and more.

The MSC Maritime Careers Workshop

5. I would like to take this opportunity to share about Laura Wong, a Political Science undergraduate at NUS, who participated in the MSC Maritime Careers Workshop last year. She attended a session led by Wilhelmsen Ships Service, a Norwegian company based in Singapore. As part of the company’s innovation journey, Wilhelmsen Ships Services started to explore developing innovative maritime products beyond its traditional offerings. Laura was inspired by Ms Jessica Chen to apply for a role as a marketing intern at Wilhelmsen Ships Service and went on to join them fulltime as an Operations Executive. It is an exciting time for Laura now as she continues to be mentored and guided by Jessica, as they develop the Agency by Air project – the world’s first shore-to-ship delivery service that was launched this year.

6. There are many of such interesting stories. This afternoon, we have representatives from six leading maritime companies to share about their companies and the career opportunities available. This is also the first time we have companies from the offshore and marine engineering sector, in addition to companies from port, shipping and maritime services sectors. As such, I hope that all of you would have a good opportunity to have a better understanding of the diverse career opportunities offered by the industry. Do take this chance to ask as many questions as you can.

Learn More about Maritime Careers

7. I would like to share with you that there are multiple pathways to a rewarding maritime career. To know more about these pathways, you can log onto Maritime Singapore Connect, or MSC, website to search for the information. Through this website, students and jobseekers like yourselves can have easy access to information on maritime education, training and job opportunities, and even deposit your resumes to get connected with maritime employers.

8. The MSC Office runs regular events and works closely with local institutes of higher learning to introduce and connect students to the maritime industry. Over the next few weeks, the MSC Office will be organising the inaugural MSC Career Discovery Programme at various campuses. The objective is to guide participants in their career exploration with the help of expert diagnostic tools so that you can better prepare yourselves. Participants will also get the chance to learn more about maritime careers that are suited for them. As attendees of the MSC Maritime Careers Workshop, you will be given priority for registration. To sign up for the event, please visit the MSC website.


9. I hope that your will have a fruitful time this afternoon. Through this workshop, you will discover the importance and dynamism of maritime, and the diverse Singapore maritime ecosystem. We warmly welcome you to be part of our growing community.

10. In addition, I would like to thank the participating companies for making this workshop possible – my sincere thanks to Eastern Pacific Shipping, Ocean Network Express, Jurong Port, Keppel Offshore and Marine, Sembcorp Marine and ShipsFocus Group.

11. Thank you, and I wish you all a great session ahead.