15 August 2018, 6:30pm
The Ballroom, Conrad Centennial Hotel, Singapore

Mr. Andrew Tan
Chief Executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Distinguished guests,
Award recipients and parents,
A warm welcome to you all.

1. Tonight, we present MaritimeONE and Tripartite Maritime Scholarship awards to 49 young scholars, who are beginning a new chapter of their lives in the maritime sector. Hearty congratulations to all of you, and a warm welcome to the maritime community.

2. At the same time that we congratulate all of you students, we should also recognise the people who helped to make your journey possible – all of you proud parents who are with us today.

3. You scholars are entering a very important industry at an exciting time. The maritime business is woven into all of our lives, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, from the materials that make our homes to the energy that underpins our comforts.

4. And the maritime industry is important to Singapore – what we have here is a leading international maritime centre which contributes to 7% of the nation’s GDP and is home to one of the top ports in the world.

5. Beyond all the impressive statistics, this industry is also a friendly and collegiate environment, and people who join often stay for a very long time because it is fun. It is a dynamic and global business, and one which is increasingly embracing new technologies and developments.

6. Earlier this year, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) launched the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map as a blueprint for the future. A Next Generation port is being built in Tuas, companies are working on data analytics and smart systems, and we see the use of drones and artificial intelligence entering the industry.

7. So you have chosen a great industry to be in.

8. Before I close, let me highlight a few of our scholarship recipients this year.

9. Mr Hor Zhi An is a final year student pursuing a degree in Business Analytics at Nanyang Technological University, and a recipient of the Jurong Port Scholarship.

10. Zhi An took the long road and an unconventional educational pathway through the Normal Academic stream and Polytechnic to his final course of study at Nanyang Technological University. Jurong Port has committed to creating the next generation multipurpose port, and with increasing incorporation of technology into maritime operations, Zhi An’s skills in business analytics will no doubt be helpful in achieving greater port efficiency.

11. Ms Siti Shamilah is receiving the SMA Scholarship tonight. Siti will be pursuing a joint-degree in Engineering with a specialisation in Naval Architecture at Newcastle University, Singapore Institute of Technology, and is currently working as a crewing officer at Thome Ship Management.

12. I am told that as a budding artist and videographer, Siti deeply enjoys the design process and has developed a keen eye for detail over the years. She took strong interest in the form and function of ships, and decided to embark on an education that would allow her to combine her passion for the arts and maritime.

13. Ms Belle Leong is receiving her Tripartite Maritime Scholarship that is co-sponsored by Pacific International Lines. She will be pursuing a Diploma in Nautical Studies at the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA).

14. During her course in Maritime Business at ITE College Central, she was fascinated by the nautical experiences shared by her lecturers. Belle was attracted to a seafaring career which was unlike a typical 9-5 deskbound job; a career that would allow her to go out to sea and return to shore after a couple of months. The TMSS award not only pays for her education, but also offers her job security. Belle looks forward to becoming a ship captain and a mentor to her young female colleagues in time to come.

15. We wish all three scholars a rewarding journey in their maritime education and careers along with the rest of you.

16. This year, we are presenting a total of 49 awards: 34 MaritimeONE Scholarships and 15 Tripartite Maritime Scholarships. These scholarships would not have been possible without our sponsors, who have helped provide these scholars with a pathway into the industry and are thereby helping the industry with a steady pipeline of talent.

17. On behalf of MaritimeONE and the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), I’d like to express our heartfelt thanks for your support. Since the programme’s inception ten years ago, your contributions have backed over 342 MaritimeONE scholars in their maritime journey.

18. Thank you all, and have a wonderful evening.