31 August 2020

Greetings to you all.


1. On behalf of the Singapore Maritime Foundation, I would like to welcome the new batch of MaritimeONE and Tripartite Maritime scholars as you embark on a new chapter of your life.

2. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are sadly unable to celebrate this occasion with you in person, but would like to congratulate you scholars for your achievements and to welcome you to our exciting industry.

3. A special greeting also to your loved ones who may be seeing this, and who have played an important role in your journey.

A vibrant and dynamic industry

4. You scholars will be joining an industry that drives the global economy and which has also played a key role in Singapore’s success. As many of you will know, Singapore is not only a global hub port but also a leading international maritime centre – in fact, according to many surveys, we are THE leading maritime centre in the world.

5. In the midst of a global pandemic, we have started to realise what functions are most important to keep the world going. It is not only our healthcare workers, cleaners and others on the front lines, but it is also the supply chain that allows us to get food and energy and all the critical things we need. The maritime industry plays a central role in this, with most of the world’s goods moving by ship.

6. We have also seen the industry’s resilience and adaptability in this crisis, and an acceleration of our digital developments.

7. This acceleration is happening just as you join the industry. You will have the opportunity to shape the future of this business, to bring new ideas, and to help with digitalisation and decarbonisation to create a better future


8. This scholarship programme would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, and I would like to thank you for your generous contributions to help nurture the next generation of maritime talent, even in challenging times

9. Congratulations once again to all of the scholars and good luck with your studies and future careers.

Thank you.