9 November 2020, 4.00PM

Ladies and gentlemen,


1. Good afternoon, and welcome to the fifth edition of the MSC Connexions Forum, organised by the Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) Office under SMF.

2. What a year it’s been. The pandemic is highlighting a few things for us:

  1. The maritime industry is crucial in ensuring that global supply chains continue to function.
  2. The role of HR is more important than ever to ensure that our teams are designed to respond to new circumstances. In some cases, this involves tough choices, but it is about helping teams with adaptability, innovation, new skills.
  3. Matching skills to jobs has similarly become an urgent task. Labour markets are not always efficient in ensuring that people find the right jobs, and the MSC Office was established with just such a purpose – to assist fresh graduates and mid-careerists in securing employment with maritime companies.
Rethinking the Future of Work in the Maritime Industry

3. While there has been much discussion on how companies can pull through these challenging times, today’s Forum will bring this discussion forwards by exploring how companies can equip themselves not only to survive this period but also to thrive in the post pandemic environment.

4. We have invited Mr Ang Wee-Tiong, CEO & Founder of JobTech, a local AI and Big Data Analytics company, as our keynote speaker today. He will share insights into the current employment market, including trends in the maritime industry. Our experienced panellists will also offer their thoughts into what the future holds for the maritime industry and how organisations can capitalise on opportunities and face up to challenges. I encourage you to ask lots of questions and engage in the discussion.

5. Last year, the Circle of HR InnOvators (CHRO) network was established to support maritime HR leaders in driving innovation and workforce transformation. I am happy to share that the network has grown to include over 40 HR leaders and continues to serve as a platform for exchanging best practices.


6. I’d like to thank all our partners for your continued support and wish you all a fruitful and rewarding discussion. Thank you for participating.