2 December 2016, 3:00pm
Ballrooms 1 & 2, Level 2, Sheraton Towers Singapore, Singapore

Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,


1. Good afternoon and thank you for joining us today for the MSC Connexions Forum. This is a platform that the Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) Office has put together for the first time in response to your feedback that our companies, schools, and government agencies would welcome the chance to get to know one another better.

2. Today we have gathered over 100 people in the HR and PR functions of the industry, and those working with students and jobseekers in schools and career centres under Workforce Singapore and the Employment and Employability Institute.

3. The response has exceeded our expectations, and is a reflection of how the MSC Office can play a part in galvanising stakeholders working towards a common goal.

4. In spite of industry challenges, our mandate continues to be to show Singaporeans why this is an industry worth joining, to interest them in a maritime career – one that is diverse, dynamic, rewarding. In order for us to maintain the success that Maritime Singapore has built over the years, we need a strong workforce in both shore-based and seafaring roles.

Programme Lineup

5. This afternoon’s programme brings together key elements of what is happening on the maritime manpower front.

6. To share recent work in the area of maritime manpower development, we are pleased to have two government agencies here – the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), and SkillsFuture Singapore. There is a lot of planning and development under way as the Maritime sector has been identified as one of the segments under the national SkillsFuture movement.

7. To reflect on how social media has impacted the way people look for jobs, and how companies hire, we are pleased to have LinkedIn joining us today. Their insights on employers and jobseekers should be very insightful.

8. We are pleased to have a panel of maritime employers and representatives from the universities to discuss the topic – “Maritime Employers and Graduates – What Does Each Side Look For?”. This is intended as an interactive session to get insights and to engage all of you, so I am hoping you will ask lots of questions.

New MSC Website

9. The Forum today is also a platform for us to share with you the new MSC website which will further strengthen connections between our industry and talented individuals. When the site is fully launched next year, students and jobseekers will have one-stop access to information on maritime-related scholarships, training and career opportunities. Maritime employers can also profile scholarship and management trainee programmes, publicise career opportunities and browse the database for internship and job openings.

10. This website can be a powerful tool for the industry, but only if you use it. Just like a messaging platform, it only works when there are other people using that platform. So please leverage this site for your marketing and hiring needs so that we can turn it into a really effective go-to site for employers and jobseekers. We will have a short presentation later to share more about it.

Work of the MSC Office in Its First Year

11. Apart from the website, the MSC Office has had a busy first year. The team has reached out to many stakeholders: maritime companies, schools, government agencies and industry associations to understand our stakeholders’ needs. The MSC team has run numerous events – the Maritime Spotlight series at SMU, the MSC Career Workshop at Suntec, the MSC Maritime Insights Forum for education and career counsellors. I hope you will find in the MSC Office’s work a reflection of some of your suggestions and comments, and a way to increase the accessibility and appeal of Maritime Singapore.

12. Please continue to approach the team with suggestions for improvement and how we can be helpful.

Closing Remarks

13. The work of the Maritime Singapore Connect Office has just begun and we seek your support so that we can build the successful Maritime Singapore of tomorrow.

14. Thank you.