Record Number of 60 MaritimeONE and Tripartite Maritime Scholarships Awarded in 2021

09 September 2021

More than S$2.1 million committed for 60 scholarships in 2021 to nurture maritime talent

A total of 60 scholarships comprising 46 MaritimeONE Scholarships—the highest number awarded since its inception in 2007 —and 14 Tripartite Maritime Scholarships (TMSS) were awarded to students this year. The total sum raised from maritime companies, unions and government sponsorship for these scholarships amounts to more than S$2.1 million.

MaritimeONE Scholarships

In all, more than S$1.1 million worth of scholarship money was raised this year from an array of maritime companies to fund tertiary studies of the 46 students—the highest number of awardees since the inception of the MaritimeONE Scholarships.

42 MaritimeONE Scholarships were awarded to students pursing maritime-related courses. In addition, four MaritimeONE Scholarships were awarded to students pursuing non-maritime courses, namely in Computer Science, Data Science and Analytics, and Business Analytics. The latter will help grow the pipeline of talent for the maritime sector that is increasingly adopting technology to catalyse its transformation.

The MaritimeONE Scholarships are funded by companies spanning all sectors of the maritime industry—port, shipping, maritime services, shipyards, and by the institutes of higher learning. MaritimeONE scholars can choose from a wide range of 36 maritime and non-maritime degree courses offered by local and overseas universities, and five maritime and engineering diploma courses offered by Singapore Polytechnic.

Since its launch in 2007, there have been 470 recipients of the MaritimeONE scholarships at a value of more than S$12.3 million.

New Funding Category of MaritimeONE Scholarships Created to Encourage Support from Maritime Partners

A new funding category of Common Pool Scholarships and Bursaries was created this year, where companies can contribute any amount they wish to a common fund. Promising students will be awarded with scholarships and bursaries from the fund to pursue maritime-related studies. This year’s contributions to the common pool scholarships and bursaries came from Maersk Singapore, the Singapore Shipping Corporation Limited, Trust Energy Resources Pte Ltd and Westfal-Larsen Shipping AS.

Tripartite Maritime Scholarships

This year, 14 Tripartite Maritime Scholarships (TMSS) worth about S$1 million were awarded. TMSS is a seafaring scholarship awarded to students pursuing a Diploma in Nautical Studies or Diploma in Marine Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic, and graduates of the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA) and Tripartite Maritime Training Awards (TMTA) who are holders of the Certificate of Competency (COC) Class 3 or Class 5.

The TMSS is sponsored by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), the Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) and shipping companies. The scholarship seeks to groom aspiring ship captains or chief engineers of ocean-going merchant ships to be future leaders of Maritime Singapore.

The corporate sponsors include Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Fleet Ship Management Pte Ltd, Hafnia, NYK Shipmanagement Pte Ltd, PACC Ship Managers Pte Ltd, Pacific International Lines Pte Ltd, POSH Fleet Services Pte Ltd and Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte Ltd.

Quote by SMF Chairman

“The record number of MaritimeONE Scholarships and TMSS scholarships reflects the cohesiveness of the industry to train maritime talent. I thank all sponsor companies and unions for their commitment to nurturing young talent for the industry.

I am also encouraged to see more scholarships awarded this year to students with a passion for technology. The industry is increasingly tapping into data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase operational efficiency. I am confident our scholars will find the industry to be interesting and challenging,” said Mr. Andreas Sohmen-Pao, Chairman of the Singapore Maritime Foundation.

Selected Scholar Profiles

2021 PIL – MaritimeONE Scholar, Mr. Tan Wei Xuan: Exploring a Data-driven Maritime


Mr. Tan Wei Xuan’s passion for innovation and keen interest in the field of mathematics has led him to undertake a degree in Data Science and Analytics with the National University of Singapore.

While new to maritime industry, Wei Xuan’s saw the many opportunities offered by the industry that closely aligns with his passion for technology.

Understanding how Maritime Singapore is taking strides towards digitalisation attracted him to the industry, and he looks forward to contributing to PIL’s management team with timely data insights.

“Maritime contributes significantly to Singapore’s economic growth. Maritime companies are constantly strengthening their capabilities and I am excited to contribute to something this huge. I saw the PIL-MaritimeONE Scholarships as an opportunity to venture into the industry not just as a data analyst, but also as a management trainee where I will be involved in other operations within the company.

I look forward to learning the different fields in the industry, such as fleet management and commercial trade. Through data analytics, I hope to acquire analytical and technical skills that will increase efficiency and reduce costs in day-to-day operations. With PIL, I am certain that I will have a very fulfilling journey in the maritime industry,” said Wei Xuan.

2021 MaritimeONE Scholar, Mr. Li Bo Feng: Pushing Boundaries with Technology


To Mr. Li Bo Feng, the maritime industry requires creative problem solvers and individuals who have an interest in science and technology. With a Marine Engineering Diploma, he has seen how the future of maritime is growing with the introduction of digitalisation.

He seeks to complement his maritime background with the new skillsets that he will learn from pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore.

“Digitalisation is changing the way we work and Maritime Singapore is moving towards it. I am deeply passionate about the field of computer science, and I believe that pursuing this course will unlock opportunities for me to contribute to the maritime industry. Within maritime, large amounts of data are stored in the system and I want to use my skills to process, store and manage these database management systems,” said Bo Feng.

2021 SMA – MaritimeONE Scholar, Ms. Nurqistina Ediana Binte Mohamad Eder: Chasing the Waves of Maritime


Ms. Nurqistina Ediana Binte Mohamad Eder will be entering the Maritime Studies course at the Nanyang Technological University. She has always been drawn to the ocean and pursuing a Diploma in Maritime Business is a pathway that aligns with her passions, although she faced parental objections initially.

To her, the maritime industry offers a plethora of opportunities. Through her internship at Star Shipping Agencies (S) Pte Ltd, she had the opportunity to work with different stakeholders and she wishes to pursue a career in sales and marketing in the maritime sector in future.

“The maritime industry is a great platform as it is internationally connected and not restricted to a specific region. There are limitless sources of opportunities available. I am an extrovert and this industry will allow me to practice, as well as showcase my skills. The MaritimeONE Scholarship allows me to gain practical insights into the industry,” said Qistina.

2021 U-Ming Marine – MaritimeONE Scholar, Mr. Huang Maohan: Overcoming Choppy Waters


Mr. Huang Maohan will be taking up a course in Maritime Studies with a second major in Business at the Nanyang Technological University.

Although he did not have a background in maritime, an internship with Wilhelmsen Ships Service Pte. Ltd. opened his eyes to the sea of opportunities available in this industry. The scholarship will strongly support his growth as he explores the world of maritime.

“My experience with Wilhelmsen Ships Service as a global agent administrator not only provided me with a comprehensive view of the maritime industry but also revealed the endless possibilities of innovation. The opportunity to be part of this unique journey is just too good to pass on. At its very core, maritime is sustained by regularly monitored processes that are guided by well-informed decision-making and investments. Minoring in business will sharpen my business acumen and impart me with skills that are applicable to the maritime industry,” said Maohan.

2021 The Idan & Batia Ofer Family Foundation – MaritimeONE Scholar, Ms. Andrea Zelsa Mckeowen: Exploring New Shores


Growing up, Ms. Andrea Zelsa Mckeowen was surrounded by family members in the maritime industry, which explains her fascination with the sector.

While exploring polytechnic courses, marine engineering stood out and she will be studying this course with Singapore Polytechnic. She wishes to sail the seas as a marine engineer and is drawn towards the adventures that she will embark on in this role.

“I have many uncles and cousins that are marine engineers and captains, and I was introduced to this industry at a tender age. Although they were often away, I was always fascinated by the tales they told of the destinations they travelled to. Although being a marine engineer is not a bed of roses, and does involve a huge element of risk, I have set my mind on this path. Many have expressed their concern and skepticism, but I am confident that I will be able to achieve this goal,” said Andrea.

2021 Mid-Term TMSS Scholar, Mr. Tang Yan Jie: Leading the New Wave of Seafarers


Mr. Tang Yan Jie has been awarded a Mid-Term Scholarship with PACC Ship Managers Pte Ltd. He graduated with a Diploma in Marine Engineering from SMA and is a COC Class 5 holder. Yan Jie’s experience of spending 6.5 months onboard during his engine cadet internship, where he developed essential life skills, strengthened his interest in pursuing a seafaring career as a marine engineer.

During his training onboard the ship, Yan Jie benefitted from the mentorship of his 3rd Engineer. The learning experience inspired him, and he also hopes to nurture future generations of cadets.

“A seafaring career as a marine engineer interests me as different engineers onboard oversee different types of machines. This allows me to constantly grow and learn to improve at different stages of my career. Every day onboard is different. When an unexpected problem occurs, engineers will have to make quick decisions to resolve it. Being able to face up to and resolve such unexpected contingencies allows me to challenge myself in quick decision making and problem-solving,” said Yan Jie.

2021 Full-Term TMSS Scholar, Mr. Zulhilmi Bin Mohammad: Fulfilling a Lifelong Aspiration


Mr. Zulhilmi Bin Mohammad is a Year 1 student pursuing a Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS) with the Singapore Maritime Academy at Singapore Polytechnic. He has been awarded the TMSS with Hafnia. Inspired by his father who is a seafarer, he had set his sights on the maritime industry from a tender age. He hopes to fulfill his dreams of being a Ship Captain in future.

“I have always aspired to be a master mariner ever since I was young as I was inspired by my father who has worked all his life as a seafarer. Being a deck officer and eventually a ship captain is a personal goal as I will only feel accomplished when I have the four stripes on my shoulder.

“Knowing my passion, I applied for DNS via the Early Admission Exercise. Entering the course is the first step towards my lifelong dream. This scholarship will help me greatly in reaching where I want to be eventually, as a Ship Captain,” said Zulhilmi.

About MaritimeONE

Launched in April 2007 by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) and Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), the MaritimeONE (Outreach NEtwork) is a key platform for all maritime stakeholders to synergise efforts to raise awareness of the maritime industry among students and their influence groups, and to interest them in maritime education and careers via various outreach initiatives. As the Secretariat of the MaritimeONE, SMF works in tandem with strategic partners to organise a variety of initiatives, including promotional campaigns, events and MaritimeONE scholarships. Other MaritimeONE activities include industry awareness talks, scholarship offers, student outreach events and regular networking events for employers and tertiary students. For details, visit

About the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF)

Established in 2004, the Singapore Maritime Foundation is a conduit between the public and private sectors to accomplish the twin mission of developing and promoting Singapore as an International Maritime Centre (IMC); and to attract, engage and grow a talent pipeline to position Maritime Singapore for continued growth. SMF is the administrator of the MaritimeONE scholarships, partnering with leading maritime companies to sponsor the educational pursuits of young talent and equip them with skills for the maritime industry. For details, visit

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Mr. Lars Kastrup


Mr. Lars Kastrup is the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd (PIL).

Prior to joining PIL, Mr. Kastrup was CEO of NOL/APL, and subsequently assumed the role of Executive Vice President, Strategy and M&A at CMA CGM Group. A veteran in the global shipping industry with over 30 years of experience, Mr Kastrup’s other roles include Executive Vice President of Assets at CMA CGM Group heading up CMA Terminals, CMA Ships, Container Logistics as well as regional carriers such as MacAndrews, OPDR and Mercosul; as well as Vice President at AP Moller-Maersk.
Mr. Kastrup complemented his tertiary education with leadership and management training at Penn State University and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Angeline Teo


Ms. Angeline Teo is the Managing Director and Head of Global Transportation and Offshore, Global Corporate Banking at OCBC Bank which focuses on the maritime, aviation, land & port ecosystems.
Ms. Teo has spent over three decades in maritime finance. Prior to OCBC, Ms. Teo was working at ING Bank, ABN Amro and DnB in Singapore focusing on maritime and offshore.
Ms. Teo graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Business Administration.

Mr. John Martin


Mr. John Martin began his career in London in 1989 with Richards Hogg Lindley Average Adjusters, and qualified as a Fellow of the UK Association of Average Adjusters in 2000.
At RHL he worked in their offices in Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2003 he joined Gard Hong Kong, as a claims handler. Mr. Martin also worked in Gard Japan, and in 2014 he moved to Singapore to set up the Gard Singapore office.
Besides running Gard Singapore, Mr. Martin also heads the P&I and H&M claims units and is the Senior Claims Representative for Gard in Asia.

Mr. Cyril Ducau


Mr. Cyril Ducau is the Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte Ltd, a leading shipping company headquartered in Singapore for the past 30 years.

He is also currently the Chairman of Kenon Holdings Ltd and a member of the board of directors of Gard P&I (Bermuda) Ltd. and of the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation Limited, which was established by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. He was previously Head of Business Development of Quantum Pacific Advisory Limited in London from 2008 to 2012 and acted as Director and Chairman of Pacific Drilling SA between 2011 and 2018.
Prior to joining Quantum Pacific Advisory Limited, Mr. Ducau was Vice President in the Investment Banking Division of Morgan Stanley & Co. International Ltd. in London between 2000 and 2008.
Mr. Ducau graduated from ESCP Europe Business School (Paris, Oxford, Berlin) and holds a Master of Science in business administration and a Diplom Kaufmann.