Tertiary Tech Talent from Singapore Management University and Nanyang Polytechnic Take the Crown at the Inaugural MSC Maritime Digital Challenge

11 November 2021

The Singapore Maritime Foundation announced the champions of the inaugural Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC) Maritime Digital Challenge.

The case competition aims to plug Singapore’s tertiary students with a passion for technology into the maritime industry that is being transformed by digitalisation, requiring new skills and creating new opportunities.

From an initial 129 students across 35 registered teams, the final 12 teams hailing from Singapore’s universities and polytechnics come from diverse fields such as business, game development, engineering, computing, logistics and maritime studies—indicating a healthy interest in the maritime industry.

The following are the winners of the MSC Maritime Digital Challenge 2021:


Eastport Maritime
A leading shipbroking and consultancy company based in Singapore.

Use gamification to develop an interactive and engaging learning platform to onboard new hires and existing employees taking on new roles.

Grand Champion
Team: The Penta Crew
Institution: Nanyang Polytechnic

1st Runner-up
Institution: Temasek Polytechnic

2nd Runner-up
Team: Maadd Slackers
Institution: Singapore University of Technology and Design

Merit Prizes
Team: Keith’s Angels
Institution: Nanyang Polytechnic

Institution: National University of Singapore

A leader in developing digital learning applications that enable collaborative teamwork across platforms such as using virtual reality to make training in heavy industries more effective and cost efficient. In 2021, Kanda has also become a member of the Eastern Pacific Accelerator powered by Techstars.

Use virtual reality technology and game- based learning to train users to conduct industrial procedures such as operating a fuel gas supply system.

Grand Champion
Team: Chocolate Whales
Institution: Nanyang Polytechnic

1st Runner-up
Team: JEM
Institutions: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Technology and Design & Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Torvald Klaveness
A Norwegian shipping company that has various business units which includes dry bulk, combination carriers, ship management, Klaveness Digital, and ZeroLa.

Create an app for seafarers to input clean data to develop insights for sustainable shipping.

Grand Champion
Team: Team Klaver
Institution: Singapore Management University

1st Runner-up
Team: ACE
Institution: National University of Singapore

2nd Runner-up
Institution: Singapore Polytechnic

Merit Prizes
Team: Team Blue
Institution: Temasek Polytechnic

Team: M0nk3lAm
Institutions: National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University

Quote from SMF Chairman

“The inaugural MSC Maritime Digital Challenge has showcased a promising pool of young talent. I am delighted to see strong interest in the maritime industry from students pursuing diverse disciplines such as business, computing, engineering and even game development. The maritime ecosystem is broad, and talent from different fields can find interesting ways to apply their skills to the challenges faced by our industry,” said Mr. Andreas Sohmen-Pao, Chairman of the Singapore Maritime Foundation.

Quote from Champion Team of Eastport Maritime’s Challenge Statement

“To our team, it has been nothing short of an honour to be given the opportunity to infuse modernisation through digitalisation into an industry anchored in heritage. The format of the challenge enabled us to work in cross-disciplinary teams and address a standing corporate challenge under the mentorship of Eastport Maritime. The competition has proven that combining lessons learnt from the industry’s past successes with contemporary technological concepts will create an even brighter future for maritime,” said Ms. Ng Kai Jun, a Year 3 business management student from Nanyang Polytechnic and team leader of The Penta Crew, which emerged champion for the Eastport Maritime challenge statement.

The Penta Crew from Nanyang Polytechnic delivering their presentation in front of the judges

Quote from Champion Team of Kanda’s Challenge Statement

“We went in without much experience but persevered with the help of our mentors. Through the process, we gained valuable insights from Kanda and Eastern Pacific Shipping, which shaped our prototype MERTS. We hope the VR prototype can be integrated into the industry to propel it forward. The team is eager to see how VR will soar in the maritime industry,” said Ms. Emma Natalie Soh, a Year 3 Nanyang Polytechnic student pursuing a diploma in game development & technology and leader of Chocolate Whales, which was crowned champion of Kanda’s challenge statement.

Chocolate Whales from Nanyang Polytechnic delivering their presentation in front of the judging panel

Quote from Champion Team of Torvald Klaveness’ Challenge Statement

“This competition has been an eye-opener, allowing us to learn what goes on behind the scenes in the maritime industry. Our team is honoured to be a part of and optimistic about the advancement of the maritime industry as it embraces digitalisation. This will ultimately boost the productivity of maritime stakeholders and reduce carbon emission levels,” said Mr. Ryan Tan Zheng Jie, a freshman majoring in business at the Singapore Management University and team leader of Team Klaver, the champion of Torvald Klaveness’ challenge statement.

Team Klaver from Singapore Management University delivering their presentation in front of the judges

About the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF)

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